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Oak Haven Vineyard & Inn

This year, Joyce and I are starting to transition to our new careers as Inn and vineyard owners working our way to winery owners in the not to distant future (We hope). Starting this year, we will be more active in getting our Inn up and running. We have now added our Glamping tent for guests. You can find out more about by clicking on "Glamping" link above. 

It is our intent over the next year to start preparing for both our winery and additional tasting room and Inn. The new building will consist of the winery in the lower level and a two rooms plus a loft and tasting room on the main floor. This endeavor will take a lot of work, time and effort on our part to pull off, but our plan is to have all this in place by 2020. 

At this time of year, our main activity is primarily planning, but the list is long. We completed a new flagstone patio and fire pit, we got  the Glamping tents up and a privy with composting toilet and show built, while still tending the grape vines, getting them pruned, new vines planted where needed. We will also be adding more red raspberries and black berries to our patches. And of course getting our garden ready for planting.

I can't say for sure, but I would sure love to get my bocce ball court put together this year, but that may be wishful thinking. We also now have the deck from the old above ground pool put in place so that we can use that as a stage for entertainment or as we did at the end of last year, a movie stage. It was a lot of fun watching a movie outside.

We hope you enjoy our information and if there is anything we can share with you, please let us know. We will try and keep this updated as things become known.